How to match belt with shoes | Best guide for men

How to match belt with shoes? There is a difference when men and women consider matching their outfits.

For women, it is quite easy and fun, but for men, it gets confusing.

So, what are the rules you need to follow to match your belts with shoes?

How to match belt with shoesHow to match belt with shoes
How to match belt with shoes

First, we need to look at why we need to match the belt with shoes.

– It turns an ordinary outfit into a classic, fashionable trend.

– Matching the colors is beneficial for the impression.

– It may help you in looking more spot on rather than offbeat.

Here, are the basic rules on, how to match belts with shoes.

  1. Match the Leather
  2. Match the Metal

So let us understand both of them, in no particular order:

1.How to match belt with shoes? Rule: Match the leather

Once you are in a situation, where you are wearing leather boots of a particular color. You need to make sure that the belt should have the shade color.

We are not saying that it should be the same color. You can use different shades of that color.

But if you are not doing that, it would not look elegant.

You need to learn the basics of color matching and then you can create a new outfit that will rock.

Tip: If you are thinking of matching brown with black, Drop this idea. We do not consider it as an option.

2. How to match belt with shoes? Rule: Match the metal

You might be thinking that there is no metal in the shoe. Yes, you are right. But to complete your outfit, you need to wear a watch.

So, it is good if you match your belt buckle with the leather color or the watch if it is metal.

You can also match the belt buckle with the jewelry.

With jewelry, we mean the dog tags, bracelets, and the wristbands.

What about the colors other than black and brown?

Okay, in the present there are many color shoes other than black and brown.  So, how to match belts with shoes now?

One thing you need to know that there are two types in colors.

The first one is warm, and the other one is the cool shade of the colors.

The warm colors are considered to be red, yellow, and the orange and the cool colors are gray, blue and the green.

Never try to mix both of the shades. If, you are wearing warm color shoes then try to match it with the same shade belts. It is also considered with the cool tones as well.

So, that is all for today, and these are the basic rules for a matching belt and shoes. But according to us rules are meant to be broken.  So, go on try different styles and mix and match to create your style statement.

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