Style tips for Men Top 10| Best fashion tips for every guy

Style is a great deal for making an impression.  But if you want to look better than most of the guys around you, it is best for you to remember these basic principles mentioned below to make you look sharper and presentable. There is no specific order for the list, so take it easy.

Style tips for alpha

1. If style is a lock, then confidence is the only key

We know it is a bit much to read. As far as confidence is concerned, acknowledge all the superheroes who wear underwear over their pants, which is said to be their style statement. You need to be that confident about yourself as well. There are few ways to look confident which will eventually make you feel confident:

–              Have a straight body posture that is known to give you the confident vibes.
–              Keep your shoulder slightly back and down when you walk.
–              To be the king, behave like a king. Think as if you own everything around you.
–              Give the negative thoughts a break.
–              Start caring for yourself.

2. Care for the fit, care for the style

Fit the style
Style the fit, fit the style

The fitting of your clothes is very, very important when it comes to set a fashion or a style statement or even look good.

For an example, if your shirt fits well you might be considered as a style bond, if your shirt is too small you might be looked upon as a low budget hulk and if your shirt is too large then people might want to sit on you, definitely considering you to be a bean bag.
Your clothes can be a little bit loose but not that much as if you are going for your graduation or even Hogwarts to meet Dumbledore the style wizard himself.

Tip: If it does not fit, then DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY IT! Simple or try getting into shape Read more.

3. Do not get crazy for the fashion trends

As you know people do not have that much money to invest in a new stylish wardrobe collection every month. That is what fashion or style trends are, a new trend gives a cameo every day, every month and every year in the fashion industry. Eventually, it flies off very fast and thus people cannot just keep up with it.
So, it is perfect to stick with the class of the classic clothing, colors, textures, patterns and combinations.

You will also be soothing every woman’s eye.

How? Take it this way, a new fashion trend is in the market and most of the guys are following it. Women will eventually get bored looking at the same brick every time. So you will be the window on that wall, simple but attractive.
First focus on buying the classic styles, then focus on trends if you have a lot of money.


4. Solid paint your big T-shirt logos and prints

It is a special tip for the teens as well who are willing to look more mature. When you wear a T-shirt with a big logo or a gigantic print, either you are assumed to be showing off your wealth (which we do not think is enough) or else you are heading towards a Wrestlemania event or your school.

We are not completely against printed logo T-shirts but a small logo on the right or left of your T-shirts chest area is fine, but try to avoid roaming around with a big banner on the front and back of your T-shirts.
The solid color T-shirts will make you look more mature, sharp and deadly.

Try with a few solid T-shirts including black, navy blue, dark gray and whichever color you like. You can customize the colors as per your choices.


5. Quality is always above quantity

With quality we do not mean that you should be purchasing all the expensive stuff.

The price on a product is about the brand not the quality of the product. No man wants to spend all of his money on clothes and wardrobe, as there are a lot of things to do in this life. Also, there are many brands who will give you the worst quality at a very expensive cost.

So, what do we mean by quality over quantity? We are focusing you on having the best quality on a budget. Do not gamble in this department, if you are going to buy T-shirt on a budget then go for the best T-shirt which you can afford on your budget not the discounted pack of 4 T-shirts. It will last longer than the cheap ones.

Tip: Try to shop during festivals or whenever there is hot sale available, you will get the best things for your budget.


6. Look for inspirations or advices

Try to invest in some latest fashion/style magazines look books.
You will definitely get new ideas for your wardrobe as well as color combinations.

For the people who are not into reading magazines and style books, you can look online for the same. There are many websites and blogs which teach you how to be the style icon, just like TheLastDraft .

You can also check out the following for inspiration.: RMRS , Alpham.

So, after a meaningless self promotion, let us get back to the advices and inspirations for style.

Consider yourself in a situation where you have to attend a party next weekend and you do not have any idea of what to wear. What will you do? Asking your friends hardly works, asking your parent definitely not works. Simple, search online party wear for men. You will get a bundle of ideas for the combinations even if you do not want to invest in the clothes, you can arrange something out of your old ones.


7. Rock the shoes, style your impression

Style impressions
Style impressions

What do you think about someone, when you see them in slippers or running shoes? Yeah, this is an important aspect of making a style statement.

You do not need to use slippers outside your house or running shoes when you are not working out or running (Do you?, we hope not).

We know, that you have many ideas about the dress shoes you need to purchase for your outing. Few examples of dress shoes are Oxfords, derby, loafers and so on. But the best bet in 2018 will be on the dress boots, which are rocking all the fashion and style books. If you are more into sneakers than dress shoes, we would suggest you to go for usual but classy ones. White sneakers are great for every combination.

Tip: Have a pair of black dress boots to go with every occasion and style with a pair of sneakers for casual outing and leave your slippers at home (Because you are not from the stone age).


8. Old is Gold, save your fortune

There are many of us who use old clothing for cleaning purpose or any other work.

But the men who rock the style or fashion trends are the one who take this opportunity and create a different but new style. Do not throw your old T-shirts, cut off the sleeves and turn it into a brand new tank top for the beaches and pool parties. As far as the sleeves are concerned, use them as headbands and wristbands. Take your old jeans and wear it off as damaged jeans which are quite expensive in the market and online store.

After a while, cut the legs off too for a new pair of shorts.
That is how you need to train your brain and be creative enough with the resources available, otherwise what’s the fun in creating a new fashion trend. Right?


9. Smartly reprint the outfit

Whenever you get inspired by any of the outfits worn by your favorite celebrity or your style icon, you try to copy the same outfit from top to bottom. The big problem with this is that, you are different and your body type as well.

The outfit that suits the other person, you might not be able to carry the same outfit just because of the different body type.

What we are trying to say is, do not copy the complete outfit. You just need to change and add a few things according to your taste, to make it one of your own styles which suits you perfectly. Try changing the color scheme, layering and pattern. Your imagination plays a vital role to help you get into that specific outfit. But still the fitting needs to be perfect for you to look good in any of the preferred outfits.

Tip: Read the monkey and the cap seller story (Just Kidding, do not waste your time), instead search for outfits and experiment on them.


10. Wear for the occasion, not for the validation

One thing everybody needs to understand is, you have to be smart enough to know What to Wear When and Where?

You cannot just simply wear a tux for a pool party, and not tank top for a wedding or reception. We know people are smart enough to differentiate between these two, but what about the occasions where you are totally confused about the dress code or the outfits style.

So, first of all, if it is an official gathering or a party just make sure your outfit includes a formal or semi formal touch in it. Same goes for wedding or receptions, no casuals please. (Otherwise you will end up like Joey at Monica and Chandler wedding. Rest assure, it will be a very funny moment)
And for casual gatherings go for the dress shirts or plain solid T-shirts with a good pair of jeans and shoes.

And yes, you can rock semi formals at both types of occasions. But make sure not to go overboard with all the accessories.


At the end of all of these tips, you can eventually level up your style or fashion game. You should be comfortable enough to change your lifestyle, taking a step by step. There is no need to hurry for the advancement.
All the best for a better and stylish future and we are always here for your help. Cheers!

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