Hair care tips for men Top 7 | Best hair care tips for every man

Hair care tips are important for Men and women both who are affected by the hair problems, but men tend to ignore all these stormy situations. Which create more problems for them. Very short to long all types of hairs need care. Basically,  hair is considered dead (because no nerve of blood is available in there). So taking care of your hair also means taking care of your scalp.

If you have any one of the hair problems or all of them like hair fall, graying of hair. We are here to help you out with the following tips not in a particular order.

Hair care tips for men
Hair care tips for men

1. Hair care tips: Gray care

Graying of hair is a natural process, but when it happens in the youth, then it is a cause of concern.

As a young adult,  you become shy enough losing all your confidence just because of one strand of hair shining alone.

So what is the reason? The melanin in our body is responsible for the color of every part. This means melanin present in your hair is reduced, due to continuous damage.

Solution? Here is a tip for boosting melanin in your hair. Take black tea, boil it in water add salt to it. After the water color changes to black, cool it down and then apply on your hair in the morning for about 2 weeks regularly. You will see better results than any other hair care product available in the market.


2. Hair care tips: Do not be the shampoo abuser

What do we mean by this? See, many of us men use shampoo on a daily basis. Which is not good at all for the hair itself, making them easy to break.

Solution? Just wash your hair with shampoo on alternate days, or whenever you feel like you need it. For example, whenever you apply hair product, you need  to shampoo your hair.


4. Hair care tips: Rule the Hair condition with conditioners

This does not apply for those, who have greasy hair. This is for the dry ones. So, people tend to forget to apply conditioner on their hair after shampoo. See, once you shampoo your hair loses the dust as well as essential natural oils and what conditioners do? They nourish your hair and the scalp after the harsh shampoo applied.

Solution? Just use a good quality conditioner, after applying shampoo on to your hair and scalp. Simple.


4. Hair care tips: Trim to trim

Getting your hair trimmed once in a month helps you a lot. One of the ways to save your hair from damaged hair is by cutting them off. So, trimming helps with that problem of hair like split ends

If you are aiming for long hair, then also you need to trim it for a better and smoother process of growing it out.

Solution? Already told you above.


5. Hair care tips: Hair diet

If you are following all the above hair care tips, but not focusing on your nutrition. Do you think it will improve your hair or scalp?

No. It will not. So you need to improve your diet, which must include all the protein sources. Just because hair is made up of protein, But you need to include all the macro nutrients in your diet like carbohydrates, fats with protein as well.

Solution? Try improving your diet slowly. Do not rush on to it, change every element one by one, as it will not affect your routine and will eventually improve your hair and skin problems.


6. Hair care tips: Oil treatment

We told you before that your hair contains natural essential oils. But that does not mean you do not need to do any other treatment. We are not asking you to apply oil everyday because it is a messy process. Just that still do it a few times for strong, shiny hair and clean, healthy scalp.

Solution? Try to apply oil at night on the weekends and let it stay all night. Wash it off the next day with a mild shampoo.


7. Hair care tips: Style the hair in a correct manner

There are many hair styling products in the market like wax, hair spray, gel, pomade, clay and mousse. But you need to understand that less is more. You do not need to apply a fist full of products on to your hair to style it. This can make your hair condition worse. We know, that there are many men who apply a lot of products onto their hair for styling, but this might damage your hair.

Solution? Take a small amount of product on your finger, rub and then apply it. And do not mix products to style your hair until your hair condition is better.



That’s all for the day, but there are many more hair care tips and advices which we will let you know in the coming days. Till then, follow the above hair care tips for about a month to see changes.

These hair care tips are not magic pills so It will take time and patience. Just stick to this hair care routine and grow your hair out of all the problems . For more inspiration for different hair styles, follow : TheLastDraftManemanblog. 10Haircare.


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