How meditation can change your life?

Today we are going to discuss the benefits of meditation, types of meditation, and how meditation can change your life? People these days are not focusing on their mental health as well as Physical health because of many reasons some do not have time, and some are not willing to change. Life changing meditation technique can drastically improve your mental health and filters peace in your life.

You must be aware of the power of meditation, and few might do not even know what is meditation? Or what are the benefits of meditation? But do not you worry we will cover everything in this article and help you change your life for the better. This article includes everything to mindfulness and meditation.

So, let us start with basic things first.

What is Meditation?

what is meditation

You can think of meditation as a workout routine for your mind as you work out in the gym for being physically fit and healthy that is what meditation do, meditation exercises the brain. But in technical terms meditation is a technique for mind resting and getting into a state of consciousness which is different from your regular state. Meditation does not belong to any particular religion or society.

In simple words, meditation can be like your escape from the outer world as you are relaxed and your mind is clear. It has also verified that there are many benefits of meditation and there are different types of meditation to follow.

So let us see, what are the different types of meditation?

Types of Meditation

As there are many meditations as per Buddhism, Hinduism, and different cultures but we now are focusing on the common forms of meditation.

types of meditation

1. Mindfulness Meditation

This is one of the types of meditation which means, paying attention to the present moment in a particular way. Mindfulness is the first category just because it does not need any environment required to perform this type of meditation. You need to observe the present moment just as it is.

Do not give any judgment, keep focusing on the present moment and this is a way of doing mindfulness meditation.

2. Body Scan or Progressive Muscle Relaxation

When you carry stress, there are chances that your body is affected by the same pressure. The pain in your shoulders, back or any other part or fast breathing can be the symptoms of body stress. This type of meditation is helpful in removing all the pressure from mental as well as a physical component.

So how do we perform body scan meditation? First of all, you need to lie down in a quiet place. Then try to relax your mind with deep breathing, after a while you need to scan your entire body to find out where the tension lies and keep your awareness at that body part and If you want you can also give a small little massage over there. Then continue to breathe deeply.

These types of meditation promote relaxation and awareness. You can perform body scan meditation at any time when you feel stressed out.

3. Breath Awareness Meditation

As in body scan meditation, you are following your body so, in breath awareness meditation, you need to focus on your breath. This type of meditation is the most common meditation technique which is known to everyone. For this, you need to sit and relax in a comfortable position and then feel the sensation of your breath as your breath flows in and out and try to ignore all the thoughts coming into your mind.

This will help you in increased concentration, reduced anxiety, and emotional strength.

4. Zen Meditation

zen meditation

The primary purpose of Zen meditation is spiritual as it belongs to the ancient Buddhist tradition.

These types of meditation are not only for stress relief and relaxation, but it involves that you observe and let go of the thoughts in your mind. It trains your mind to achieve peace and calmness. Zen meditation also opens Gates to spirituality.

5. Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation is one of the simple types of meditation in which you avoid distracting thoughts and promote a relaxed state of awareness. Which allows you to get into the calm and restful state of mind naturally. It was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from India, who introduced transcendental meditation to the world.

It is useful and easy because you are using a particular Mantra throughout the session and if your mind is distracted then you can return to the mantra while taking Deep breaths.

There are few more types of meditation which are not covered in this topic but have the same results as mentioned for the above meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation

Now, if you have understood what is meditation? And what are the types of meditation? You must be thinking that the main question was how any type of meditation can change your life? Or how can meditation help me? Is it ok to perform 20 minutes guided mindfulness meditation or to have a session for an hour?

So, let us quickly point out the benefits of meditation:

1. Meditation reduces stress

Stress is one of the main reasons people meditate. Meditation can unload the burden you have in your life emotionally, physically and mentally affecting you. In a stressful scenario, mindfulness meditation can help you a lot and do wonders.

2. Meditation helps your immune system

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. It means simple breathing and relaxation techniques enable you to improve your health.

3. Meditation for concentration

Meditation changes personality and meditation improves your concentration level and lengthen attention span by clearing your mind. As you might focus on many distracting thoughts, it helps you clear them out.

4. Controls anxiety

Meaning of fewer stress means, you have less anxiety which eliminates fear, anger, and any depression. The secret behind this is that we accept our emotions and let them pass.

5. Helps you fight addiction

The discipline you create with the help of meditation helps you to remove the dependencies of any type by improving your self-control and trigger awareness for the specific addiction.

6. Meditation improves sleep

As your stress level lowers and you get relaxed, it helps you to avoid various thoughts that disturb your mind so that you are free to sleep at night without any tension.

7. Meditation is free

As you can see meditation helps you a lot in different aspects of your life, and the best part about this is that meditation is free of cost. Where you do not need to pay any money to do it, and it will eventually help you to pace towards success.

So, these are some of the many benefits of meditation which you can achieve in your life by using different life-changing meditation techniques. Before concluding this article let us look into some of the common questions on meditation:

Common Questions on Meditation

Q. What is meditation used for?

Answer: Meditation is used for helping people with mental and physical problems such as depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, and also for treating drug addiction. In some cases, it also helps in reducing moderate pain throughout the body.

Q What does meditation do spiritually?

Answer: Regular practice of meditation can lead to awakening not only spiritually but also experiencing self-realization as well. The stillness and clarity of the meditating state can help mentally.

Q. How mindfulness meditation can change your life?

Answer: This type of meditation can change your life in many ways. Helping you identify patterns of behaviour that you need to avoid like anger and sadness. It will help you to control your emotions and get back on the track. It will also help you to find true happiness by overcoming the source of the problem.

Q. What meditation do for the body?

Answer: Meditation helps you to balance the system of the body by lowering blood pressure, improving heart rate, reducing metabolism, and improving breathing. That means it helps to improve cardiovascular function to reduce muscle tension and stress.


So now you can think for yourself, that meditation can change your life for the real. You do not need to practice meditation for hours, start by making a small routine. You will get to see the results just after a few days.

That is all for today,

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