Benefits of having a girl best friend as a guy

For many of us, having a girl best friend is not universal. We are habitual of surrounding ourselves with men. We know how much they mean to us. What do you think a best friend is for? It is not only for the better but the worst phases of your life. We are not saying men suck at being a best friend, but there are many other perks of a girl best friend. Guys having a girl best friend always have the upper hand in every aspect of life. Whether it is relationships, heartbreaks, fashion, and anything possible. The definition of a best friend is different for different people, and for us, it is entirely different as well. So, let us begin.


Who is a Best Friend?

Girl Best Friend
In simple words, a best friend is someone, who you believe in and can count on. You love them, and they love you, no matter what the circumstances are. There are beliefs and understanding between you and them.


So, you might be thinking that can guys have a girl best friend?

Yes, of course. You should have a girl best friend. A best friend is not gender, skin or race specific. You can have anyone as your best friend, it all depends on you. There are many reasons for having a girl best friend. Let us look into them, in no particular order.

benefits of having a girl best friend


Benefits of having a girl best friend

Guys who have girl best friend already know the perks. But for the rest, who are unaware of this. Let us explain.

She knows you very well

You girl best friend knows every emotion, the behavior you project in different situations or circumstances. She can tell by looking at your face or hearing your voice that you are not in a good mood. She will never judge you to be yourself around her or in public. She is the constant support you need in your life.


She is your walking fashion guide

Why do guys having a girl best friend always look good? Some might have a fashion sense, but the rest have a girly fashion mind behind them. She knows what looks good on you and what not. She is ready for shopping every time whether it is with you or for you. She will always want you to look good. But if you do not want to wait for having a girl best friend. Then check out, This Post for Fashion advice. (As you can see, We need promotion)



She is a relationship expert

Let us accept this, the maximum number of men suck at giving relationship advice. Especially for their best friends. But having a girl best friend makes everything smooth. As she can help you to explain the other side of the story, from a girls point of view. Eventually, giving you the best advice for everything from gifts to fights in a relationship. She can also help you plan your dates. She will tell you where you went wrong and help you to deal with the unpredictable circumstances. And a relationship between both of you is concerned. You can have many arguments, but in the end everything remains the same.



You are never alone

You will never show up for a party alone, and you will always have a date which is your girl best friend. She enjoys everything around with you (well, it depends upon person to person). But she will never leave you alone at any cost. Let it be social media, and she will tag you on the funniest memes, your worst photos and anything that lightens your mood. You can say anything you want in front of her without being judged, and she might even join you in the bitching process.



Your family loves her

Many parents think of your best friend as a family member, if not then try having a girl best friend. Your parents like her, you love her. So, she can easily convince your parents for different stuff you want to do without any conflict.

You can talk to her about anything

You can have all the late night conversations with her. From every severe topic to the daily discussion. She is always available to make new topics for the conversation. She will bully you for your regular fuck ups. All this will make you think that you can not even live without her.


She creates memories

You might have had a beer with your male best friends and discussed girls. But try to have a drink with your girl best friend. You will get to know, what is the meaning of fun. She will do everything from making fun o herself to embarrassing you publicly.



Having a girl best friend is not necessary. But if you have one, you are a fortunate fellow. Never and we mean never let her go, She acts as your support, the only source of light and a partner in crime.

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