How To Impress a Girl: The Subconscious Block

Impressing a girl is not an art, it is more like a craft that you improve while practising. There is not a particular approach to attract women because everyone is different. All of this depends upon how you react at a situation.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, which will help you train your mind while you are acing different techniques to impress girls.

Think about yourself

The most important thing in any relationship is selfishness. If you are not taking care of yourself then this is not for you. On the subconscious level when you care about how you look, dress and your inner peace. You are confident on the mental level which will be reflected in your personality.

Be humble

Let’s say, you have everything that you ever wanted in your life. But now, you have a choice to make to be humble or to completely show it off. See, as far as the mind is concerned your inner self is not satisfied with these things. So, what you need is gratitude for everything you have. Respect for everyone, and treat them equally. This is for your inner peace which will help with your chances of dating girls.

Be Patient

The following things mentioned above are going to help you for sure, but it will take time. There is no chance that you will be a chick magnet overnight. You need to keep these things in mind and go with the flow. Eventually, you will become a better confident version of yourself. And everyone especially girls do notice these things.

Stop trying

When you look at a girl the first instinct you have is to impress her. But what this does is, it makes things worse. Your mind creates a mental block as a defensive strategy for rejection. You have to let go with the results and let your mind react on its own. This is also the main reason for procrastination due to which guys never approach girls.

These steps will be helpful in every aspect of your life. If you get strong At the subconscious level your personality changes drastically. Learning tricks to impress her will not fix the real problem but this can be the first step towards success, by filling the voids in yourself. Physical appearance is also important but we will cover that in another article.

That is all for today. Keep in mind all of these tips are worthless, If you are not practising them. Turn this into your lifestyle.

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